The Anti-White Agenda of Maniac Leftists


By Brandon Martinez

Ever notice that leftists support the brown “minorities” in white countries, but when browns are the majority, the leftists switch their argument to supporting the brown or black “majority” population against a minority of whites?

Leftists do not simply support minorities who they believe are oppressed. Because when whites are the oppressed minority, the left doesn’t support them, but rather champions their oppression, touting the “right” of the black or brown majority population to maintain ownership and control of the country.

No better example of this phenomenon is South Africa where leftists hailed the downfall of the white minority and cheered the black takeover, largely arguing that the majority ethnic group should be in charge. Yet when whites are the majority ethnic group the same leftists fight tooth and nail to disempower the whites, labeling white political control “white privilege,” and working tirelessly to elevate the brown minorities into power over the whites.

It is beyond obvious that leftists are simply out to get white people and make them suffer wherever they are. Leftists are motivated by a cultural marxist revenge fantasy, brainwashed to believe in the generational guilt fiction that whites have oppressed the whole world and must now pay for the alleged sins of their ancestors.

If these leftists really hate white people, then why don’t they just deport themselves to a brown or black country and live there? They refuse to do so because they know their standard of living will be much lower in those countries, and prefer to leech off the prosperity built by the whites while advocating society’s downfall.


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