Russian Mouthpiece Jay Dyer Still Promoting Dugin

By Brandon Martinez

Opportunist Russian mouthpiece and professional conspiracist, Jay Dyer, has a new video book report about his idol and likely paymaster Alexander Dugin.

Dyer is an American internet conspiracist promoting far-fetched theories about predictive programming in Hollywood and how every major global event is choreographed down to the slightest detail by beguiling CIA agents in Langley.

He blames essentially everything bad on the CIA, a classic KGB trope going back to the Cold War. He even went so far as to claim that North Korea is a puppet creation of the CIA, classic KGB-style disinformation obscuring the obvious reality that it was and remains a satellite of the communist Russians and Chinese.

While Dyer pushes asinine conspiracy theories depicting the “Atlanticist powers” (a Duginite term he uses) as the epitome of evil, he casually dismisses as “ridiculous” or “preposterous” anything that makes the Russians look nefarious. How more obvious of a Russian shill can you get?

Despite mounting evidence of secret meetings and contacts between Kremlin-linked Russians and the Trump campaign, Dyer continues to deny Russia interfered in the US election. He never found a conspiracy that he didn’t like… except when it involves the saintly Russians who he works for.

As I discussed in a previous blog, Dugin openly writes of the need for Russia and its controlled mouthpieces in the West to depict the West and America as irredeemably evil in order to lay the groundwork for internal subversion. In “Principles and Strategy of the Coming War,” Dugin wrote:

Therefore, the first task to gain victory would be real fully-fledged company to create the entirely negative, monstrous, satanic image of the United States and the West in general. Therefore, the West is a place where the devil resides. It is the center of the global capitalist tentacles. It is the matrix of ​​rotting cultural perversion and a vice grip of falsehood and cynicism, violence and hypocrisy.

Elsewhere Dugin has written about the need for Russia to covertly support all separatist, successionist, isolationist, radical religious and racial movements throughout the West to precipitate its total fracture and demise, thus giving Russia a free hand to erect its Eurasian empire across Europe. That explains why the Russians are cultivating relations and covertly supporting Western-based separatists as well as the alt-right and alt-left. Some of those quotes are mentioned in this video:

Dyer is not particularly important or influential, only really appealing to straggly-haired geeks on the internet who think the CIA is trying to kill them for “knowing too much.” But he is representative of the lower-crust of Dugin’s growing network of subversives in the West pushing the KGB’s demoralization scheme.


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