Our News Media is Celebrating White Genocide

This analysis of a BBC news clip highlighting how “diverse” a particular British school is shows that our own news media is celebrating the disappearance of the white indigenous people in the West. The teacher of the school talks about how great it is that 32 different languages are spoken by children at the school, even though she admits she can’t even communicate with their parents who don’t speak English. Diversity is clearly a recipe for chaos, distrust and miscommunication. Diversity is merely a codeword for “less white people.” Anyone celebrating “diversity” in the West is by definition cheering for white genocide.


One thought on “Our News Media is Celebrating White Genocide

  1. Thanks Brandon
    Sickening isn’t it?
    This is our mainstream media in Britain.
    Joo media chutzpah (chutzpah? . . . look it up).
    Cultural Marxism everywhere.
    They have no right to destroy our country
    What shall we do about it then?
    Trying to inform other people has not worked.
    The general public are unaware who has hijacked our country (indeed many countries, the US included).
    The devious sods who are orchestrating this don’t mind if we react and fight amongst ourselves.
    It will be order out of chaos . . . their order with them in control and profiting from it.
    People go along with all this because they think there is nothing they can do, or they are too scared to complain.
    When they sign the small print for anything (jobs or services) they tick the agree to the equality / diversity box,.
    They don’t have to tick it and agree but they won’t get to the next stage to get what they want if they don’t.
    Southampton is headed the same way as London and many northern towns.
    Read this article, it is about Dick Franklin’s visit to Harrow, north west London, to visit his brother in hospital.
    In the article he makes a comment that decades ago the white folks in Harrow simply ignored his warnings.
    We are warning everyone NOW . . . and if you ignore these warnings and don’t do anything to prevent further destruction of our country, don’t start complaining in years to come, because then it will be too late.

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