Nationalists Must Be On Guard of Entryism from Jews, Muslims and Russians


By Brandon Martinez

Nationalists are being subverted on multiple fronts to prioritize the interests of foreign alien groups. Jews, Muslims and Russians have infiltrated nationalist groups and online communities in order to push their subversive agendas.

Many Christian patriots in Europe have been hoodwinked by Jewish infiltrators to favour Israel and Jews in their struggle against Muslim Arabs, leading to a deranged Judeophilia and religious worship of Israel. This view has been taken up by many Christian patriot groups operating in the West. These groups are heavily infiltrated by Jews who, masquerading as allies of Christians, misdirect Christian anger exclusively towards leftists, Islam and migrants while enforcing censorship to forbid criticism of the Jewish elites behind cultural marxism and mass immigration policies to the West.

Also be weary of Muslim entryists who present themselves as “anti-Zionists” and propose an alliance with European nationalists. They do so with hidden, subversive motives to distract nationalists from their own fight against the migrant invasion and suck them into Semitic squabbles in the Middle East between Jews and Muslims as well as different political and religious factions of Muslims, Arabs, Turks, Kurds, Iranians, etc. These Muslims wish for us to ignore the monstrous crimes committed by their co-religionists against our people in Europe (rape gangs, terrorism, murder, etc.) and to prioritize issues affecting Arabs, particularly Jewish persecution of Arabs in Palestine. They covertly support the Islamization of Europe and seek to install a savage caliphate over all of Europe. Additionally, Muslims demand we help them work towards pushing Jews out of Israel and dismantling that state. A fruitless proposal from a European nationalist point of view where Israel’s Jews would migrate back to our countries to cause more mischief here. Muslim entryists must be expelled and condemned from any nationalist formation or cause in the West.

Then there’s the pervasive Russian subversion, stemming from the vast infiltration of Western nationalism by Russians and Duginists. Russian money has been flowing into Western alternative media, as well as populist and nationalist parties, co-opting much of right-wing dissent in the service of Putin and Dugin’s Eurasian imperialist agenda to break apart Europe. Similarly to the Muslims, the Eurasianists want to establish a Russian Bolshevik caliphate over parts of Europe, dominating and holding the rest of Europe hostage to Putin’s oil and gas monopoly. However, Russian shills are easy to spot, so their impact is waning as more people wake up to the perverted anti-Western aims of Putin and the Dugin cult.


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