Evidence That Canada is Run By White Supremacists

Here’s a simple proof that Canada is run by white supremacists, as leftist Antifa queers have astutely observed.

The current immigration minister of Canada is this man, Ahmed Hussen, pictured (left) next to Canada’s hopelessly cucked, libtard prime minster Justin Trudeau:


Obviously white supremacists would put a grinning Somalian Muslim in charge of immigration policy.

This Somalian immigrant literally decides who can and can’t enter Canada. Wikipedia describes that he is responsible for “immigration, refugee and citizenship issues. The Minister is also responsible for the Immigration and Refugee Board.”

Unsurprisingly, the Somalian just changed the rules to speed up the Third Worldization of the once-pristine, white nation of Canada:


And here’s the new head of Canada’s third largest political party, a turbaned Sikh named Jagmeet Singh:


So essentially weird foreigners are taking control of a formerly white nation, diligently erasing the white people who founded and built it into the successful nation that it is today.

Clearly white supremacists are steering this ship, eh?

This is a sickening monstrosity and microcosm of the greater demographic crisis facing the West and white civilization: we now have strange, brown, turban-wearing foreigners running our immigration policies and political parties to favour their own alien brown interests at our expense.

How evil is this shit?


One thought on “Evidence That Canada is Run By White Supremacists

  1. German-Jewish Communists have run Hollywood since it’s beginning and from there weakened the moral fiber of whites to such an extent that today white normies effectively hate themselves, consciously or unconsciously. Only “weird/anti-social” types maintain some pride. Problem with whites is their attachment to abstract fantasies (free market, “meritocracy”, etc.) while other groups work together to increase their power.

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