Julian Assange Confirmed as Kremlin Stooge


Effeminate Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is a Kremlin stooge and is doing Russia’s bidding once again by using his Wikileaks megaphone to support Catalonian independence from Spain.

Russia supports Catalan separatism as part of its covert war against the West. Sowing discord among EU and NATO member states has been a top priority for the Bolshevik schemers in Moscow. It’s no coincidence that all of the Kremlin’s state media and pro-Putin alternative media is supporting Catalonia’s independence drive, and so is Assange who has taken up the Catalan cause on Twitter.

Confirming his status as a cat’s paw of the Kremlin, in 2016 Assange turned down and refused to publish a cache of documents relating to Russia and corruption.

Business Insider reported:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reportedly “gave excuse after excuse” for refusing to publish a trove of documents related to corruption within the Russian government, according to chat logs obtained by Foreign Policy.

The source who sent the chat logs to Foreign Policy told the publication that the documents “would have exposed Russian activities and shown WikiLeaks was not controlled by Russian security services. Many Wikileaks staff and volunteers or their families suffered at the hands of Russian corruption and cruelty, we were sure Wikileaks would release it. Assange gave excuse after excuse.”

The documents comprised roughly 68 gigabytes worth of data, according to FP, and were the continuation of a set of files about Russia’s involvement in Ukraine that had been hacked — and reported on — in 2014.

Assange, Snowden and the whole cadre of Western “dissidents” have offered themselves up as instruments in Putin’s war against the West. No surprise that Snowden is hiding out in Russia and Assange in the London embassy of Marxist Ecuador where he filmed his former TV show for Russia Today.

13 thoughts on “Julian Assange Confirmed as Kremlin Stooge

  1. Who can say? Yet, Russia is not the real threat to our Western heritage. The main threat comes from those promoting their cursed Cultural Marxism. The revolutionary nature of the Jews does the harm to Western Civilization.

  2. We have many enemies. Russia is in league with the cultural marxists and all destabilizing elements that harm us internally to ripen us up for what Dugin has called Russia’s coming “great war” with the West.

  3. Putin strikes many of us as being a Russian nationalist. Russia’s interests will not be the same as America’s. It is going to be a multi-polar world with various regional powers (Russia, China, India, Germany, etc.). The Anglo-American hegemony is ending. Bankrupt nations cannot long project their power and dictate to the world.

    You are quite right that the internal enemies do weaken us. Perhaps, we ought to concentrate our efforts on combatting them.

  4. A Russian nationalist who jails actual Russian nationalists, murders hundreds of his own people to maintain power over them, and overtly and covertly invades neighbouring states (Ukraine, Georgia) who want independence from Russian domination? Russia demonizes the nationalism of Eastern Europe as “Nazism” because Putin is not a nationalist; he’s a Bolshevik/Eurasianist imperialist. Stalin tried to play up phony patriotism when he was recruiting cannon fodder for the war with Germany. Doesn’t mean it’s sincere. Putin uses all sides to his advantage. All he cares about is continuing to rule and rake in the riches accrued by his oligarch friends while real Russian patriots go to prison for exposing his corruption.

  5. You make some good points. But, are those areas of eastern Europe vitally important areas of national security for the US? I think not. (As well, the coup in Ukraine a few years ago ousted the elected leader that the US did not approve of.) Consider, Moammar Ghadaffi was no saint, but Libya was better off and less of a threat to its neighbors when his family was in charge of the country. The same with Assad. Who would replace this evil Putin, and would it be any better?

    Distant situations are not what our focus ought to be. The battle is here at home thanks to the social decay and cultural rot of the past 50 years in the US. Europe, after decades of socialism, is demoralized. Europe is a lost cause, sorry to say.

  6. I have the opposite view. I think America and the colonies are essentially lost causes, whereas Europe still has some hope, as well as a lot more history and culture worth preserving, as opposed to the consumerist cesspits of North America. You mistake me for American. I was born in Canada but now live in Europe, so I’ve decided to make my last stand here.

  7. I have no idea why any nationalist would go to bat for the Yanukovich regime in Ukraine, unless they’re just being paid by Russia to support Putin’s puppets in Eastern Europe. He was no nationalist and was allied to the communist party of Ukraine. The genuine nationalist Ukrainians all supported getting rid of him. Putin’s gang are a different flavour of globalist, aka Eurasianists. They’re Soviet-style Bolsheviks more than anything.

  8. Assange coincidentally also endorses Kurdistan, which is currently an Israeli and American backed project. A Kurdistan under a left-wing PKK in all likelyhood. But one cant name him an Israeli stooge. Austrian nationalist Strache and Belgian nationalist Dewinter also boast about being pro-Israeli to demonstrate anti-Islamism. But hard to call Strache or Dewinter stooges of Israel. They are being principled in their anti-Islamism.

  9. It’s a sophisticated strategy that unfortunately flies over most people’s heads (most people are dumbasses). Duginism recruits elements from all sides (left/right/conspiracy fanatics/greenies/migrants) to dismantle the West. While in Russia opposition gets battered by police in the streets. It feeds on the masochism of the West’s decadence. Assange is a low-T leftist – most followers of this are National-leftist shitheads. Stalin’s mindjob lives on.
    I believe those “nationalists” in Eastern Europe might be playing this game as well. Orban was built up by Soros, for example. By making Russia anathema they “justify” a near-future invasion – while for now their “patriotism” counts for nothing since the pillar of the EU is occupied, castrated Germany.
    Chessboard strategy, while peasants watch Kardashian Trump.

  10. Did you hear the weird claim allegedly from Assange regarding the Las Vegas massacre? It’s so obvious he can’t be trusted. If the “WikiLeaks” info actually came from him as claimed it’s a large dose of needless bull$hit that makes one wonder why.

    It was stated he leaked that shooter Stephen Paddock was an undercover FBI agent who got involved in a bad arms deal with ISIS. Then ISIS carried out the attack after offing Paddock.

    Okay so this leads me to address points you made before. I watched some more of your videos and you’re right that those who reject MSM because it tells known falsities do tend to swing over to grab any alternate “news source”. I see this happening clearly with the Vegas incident as well. There are many people who believe this WikiLeaks as being plausible. No, just so. So you’ve asked several times it seems, “What makes the threat of ISIS real over there (overseas) but not over here (in the west)?” Primarily, the events with alleged ties to ISIS that have been named in the USA usually come with outright bogus claims. For one, where Orlando was concerned, Mateen had previously claimed ties or support for several Islamic groups that had conflicting beliefs and wouldn’t be aligned. Secondly, his first wife said when he got angry or irrational (something) he often claimed to have connections with people he didn’t have. She thought his ISIS connection claim was crap.

    In this case with ISIS claiming responsibility for Nevada it’s another bogus claim that the FBI rejected. In this claimed leak from Assange it states that the FBI was “embarrassed” because it linked them doing work with ISIS that failed.

    Really. So we’re expected to believe that an arms deal for a terror group was done in a suite fit for partying while a lonely perverted senior citizen had modified rifles just sprayed around the room in varying places like drunken vomit. And somehow ISIS was going to carry down 20+ weapons fully assembled after making the deal? No, this just makes no sense at all.

    The initial claims ISIS was responsible for the attack (and warnings to the West thereafter) were created with advertiser friendly graphics design promo pictures, a video, a message that Trump can’t save us and (like usual) they all had the assumed “leak” company’s logo on it. That company? SITE Intel, the one that claims to monitor terror activities but ends up being the spokespeople for ISIS making sure their warnings and threats go mainstream. SITE is Israeli intelligence. So when bogus claims come from Assange about Vegas (if these leaks can actually be verified as coming from him) and he’s covering up things/not releasing other things to reveal corruption in my opinion it all works together towards the same point.

    The anti-media crowd likes the ISIS claim because it gives them an answer to the massacre. But it is a dumb answer that is not logical. Where I doubt ISIS acts is when Europe, USA and Israel claim “ISIS dunnit” but there’s no evidence of it at all.

    The real carnage they’re causing doesn’t have any professional graphics design or strange funded videos that are meant to seem scary but don’t. While I think various individual members of ISIS who have little to no knowledge of the group could attempt to carry out a real terror threat to my people in USA, the army itself seems to be preserved and protected by my country and therefore seems unlikely for that to happen. Perhaps ISIS does claim responsibility for events. Or maybe it’s the people behind the scenes like Julian making up dumb things like this. Americans are easily prone to believing propaganda as you’ve noticed I’m sure. It makes sense what you’ve been saying about Russia using their own news media to influence my people. I hear that a lot what you say, that people think Putin will somehow put a stop to the evils of the American regime. How, why and where did people in varying places get that idea? Because they read outrage at US military actions? What, exactly? Perhaps they’re looking for a savior. I once was and, during a time of poor health, thought it could be Muslims–forgetting all dogma leads to insincerity, ulterior motives and forced morality for deity-pleasing and new converts.

    I agree with you about America being a relatively lost cause. It’s honestly being ruined from the inside out. I don’t know what your thoughts are regarding Julian’s alleged claims over Las Vegas. But there are many people here who are sure this is the answer. I will subscribe to replies in the event I get one. I actually like your content and kinda came out of a fog recently due to my injury so I hope you don’t mind me engaging. I was able to see more how you were falsely branded as a result of me having similar views and experiences as you. So I really am sorry for being a cunt to you before. I didn’t feel well to say the least. Hopefully more people will discover your work.

  11. Martinez, You have no idea. Do you think you and a bunch of psycho-Ukrainians are going to take back Europe all by yourself? Russia’s just a bunch of “marxists”, North America is “gone”, who the fuck do you think is going come to help, some castrated German storm troopers? All I can say is good fucking luck.

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