Russian Media Upset Patriotism Rising in Spain

Russian media is upset that patriotism is rising in Spain against the Kremlin and Israeli-backed Catalan separatists.

RT has been pumping out videos showing proud Spaniards shouting “Viva Espana!” and giving Roman salutes.

The Kremlin believes it is still fighting a Bolshevik war against fascism, doing its best to demonize the nationalism of other nations when it isn’t in the interests of the criminal Putin oligarchy.


6 thoughts on “Russian Media Upset Patriotism Rising in Spain

  1. Spain does not have any nationalist party in parliament. It has a powerful center-left Socialist Worker’s Party and a new left coalition Podemos of a guy named Iglesias. He has a high chance of winning an election according to polls. Wonder what this blog shall claim if PSOE or Podemos win an election. Spanish fascism is gone since 1975. These are called unionist protesters. They are. Any news media must exaggerate for sensationalism to keep rating. Catalan separatists are pro-EU anyway and it makes little difference in the long run for anyone, including Israel or Russia. Spanish mainstream conservative Popular Party is pro-EU and pro-Israeli too.

  2. And after this childish gesture-fetishism these clowns somehow want to differentiate themselves from basic-bitch Western Communist MSM. “Question more”, lol. Apology of Stalin, reports blaming the US for everything under the sun while aggrandizing Russia, etc. Ridiculous.

  3. Actually, the Catalonian people as well as their academic and political elites alike tend to share most stances of other left-leaning circles across Europe and supporting Israel is certainly NOT one of them. Definitely more BDS-leaning, if anything. A couple of big Israeli media outlets have recently featured pieces CRITICAL of Catalonia’s separation.

    Having said this, Catalonia’s supposedly “pro-Muslim” and “leftist” disposition may be turn out to be a huge silver lining in the long run by ensuring that Zionist Right wing parties with their faux nationalism (a-la Islamotards Tommy Robinson or Wilders) don’t have any real chance.

    Of course, it’s my hope that leftists don’t retain their hegemony but are challenged by a reactionary party at some point carrying a FRESH batch of ideas so that the Catalan people can truly regain control of their nation.

    Now, the presence of (left-leaning)Jews in Catalan politics cannot be denied, but nor can it be for Spanish imperialism and the ranks of conversos therein.

  4. @Roman

    Regardless of the mainstream parties in Spain, nationalism is clearly rising in response to the situation in Catalonia. Proud Spaniards are out in the streets chanting patriotic songs and flying the yellow and red. This could grow into something great and the true nationalists will be able to recruit thousands of new supporters.

  5. The more we see of such Russian coverage, now presenting even Catalans protesting AGAINST separatism as “fascists”, the more I see the full significance of Dugin’s Kahanist friend Avigdor Eskin, who called Russians and Jews “the most spiritual people”…. Both Zionism and Duginism seem to suggest that only Jews and Russians have the right to be nationalists. Anyone else who opposes the subversion of their societies by Zionists and Duginists is to be condemned and opposed as a “fascist”! I wonder how all the Alt-Right Putin cultists will explain this constant Kremlin repetition of Communist talking points….

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