New Nationalist Website Launched

Myself and a few others created a new website geared towards nationalist content. We will focus on the immigration problem, the Kalergi plan, Jewish power, globalism, etc. We will also be giving a platform to dissident voices within the right that don’t tow the line on Russia and the Putin worship cult. My future writings will be found there:

Please spread that link far and wide.


Russian Media Upset Patriotism Rising in Spain

Russian media is upset that patriotism is rising in Spain against the Kremlin and Israeli-backed Catalan separatists.

RT has been pumping out videos showing proud Spaniards shouting “Viva Espana!” and giving Roman salutes.

The Kremlin believes it is still fighting a Bolshevik war against fascism, doing its best to demonize the nationalism of other nations when it isn’t in the interests of the criminal Putin oligarchy.

A Somali Controls Canada’s Immigration Policies & Predictably Lets In Somalian Refugees Who Do Terror

Come right on in Somali pirates! Canada welcomes such vibrant diversity!

With a Somalian Muslim immigrant in charge of Canada’s immigration policies, you can only expect he will let in more of his countrymen who, inevitably, will kill Canadians in ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks like this chap did a few days ago:

A Somali-born refugee has been arrested in connection with attacks in Edmonton, Alberta in which five people were injured, officials say.

The unnamed 30-year-old man is suspected of stabbing a policeman and injuring four pedestrians on Saturday.

The officer was controlling traffic at a Canadian Football League game when he was struck by a car at high speed and then attacked with a knife.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called it a “terrorist attack”.

Edmonton officials say the suspect could face terror and murder-related charges. They add that he had been known to police for believing in extremist ideology.

According to broadcasters CBC and CTV, a flag belonging to so-called Islamic State was found inside the vehicle that hit the police officer.

But diversity is our strength, right? Somalis clearly enrich the Canadian landscape with their intense passion for Shariah law, suicide bombings, and raping white women.

Julian Assange Confirmed as Kremlin Stooge


Effeminate Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is a Kremlin stooge and is doing Russia’s bidding once again by using his Wikileaks megaphone to support Catalonian independence from Spain.

Russia supports Catalan separatism as part of its covert war against the West. Sowing discord among EU and NATO member states has been a top priority for the Bolshevik schemers in Moscow. It’s no coincidence that all of the Kremlin’s state media and pro-Putin alternative media is supporting Catalonia’s independence drive, and so is Assange who has taken up the Catalan cause on Twitter.

Confirming his status as a cat’s paw of the Kremlin, in 2016 Assange turned down and refused to publish a cache of documents relating to Russia and corruption.

Business Insider reported:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reportedly “gave excuse after excuse” for refusing to publish a trove of documents related to corruption within the Russian government, according to chat logs obtained by Foreign Policy.

The source who sent the chat logs to Foreign Policy told the publication that the documents “would have exposed Russian activities and shown WikiLeaks was not controlled by Russian security services. Many Wikileaks staff and volunteers or their families suffered at the hands of Russian corruption and cruelty, we were sure Wikileaks would release it. Assange gave excuse after excuse.”

The documents comprised roughly 68 gigabytes worth of data, according to FP, and were the continuation of a set of files about Russia’s involvement in Ukraine that had been hacked — and reported on — in 2014.

Assange, Snowden and the whole cadre of Western “dissidents” have offered themselves up as instruments in Putin’s war against the West. No surprise that Snowden is hiding out in Russia and Assange in the London embassy of Marxist Ecuador where he filmed his former TV show for Russia Today.

Kremlin and Controlled Alt-Media Supporting Break Up of Spain

By Brandon Martinez

The Kremlin tools over at are whining about the Spanish newspaper El Pais’ coverage of Russian meddling in Spain’s internal crisis with the separatist drive in Catalonia.

KGB goon Thomas Harrington penned a screed discounting the obvious meddling of Russia in the internal affairs of Spain as it seeks to further destabilize and fracture the West.

Harrington took issue with articles in El Pais by Spanish journalist David Alandete, who wrote:

The same apparatus for the spreading of fake news that Russia has used to weaken the United States and the European Union, has been deployed in full force in Catalonia, according to a detailed analysis of Pro-Russian websites and Facebook profiles carried out by this newspaper with tools of digital analysis. In the wake of the covert campaigns in favor of Brexit, Marine Le Pen and the German Ultra-right, the Kremlin has come to see the Catalan independentist movement as yet another way to deepen European divisions and consolidate its international influence. They use webpages that publish rumors, activists like Julian Assange, a legion of bots, and millions of automatized pages on social media to insure that lies are shared millions of times on the web.

In a study of pro-Kremlin media sources and Twitter accounts, Adelante found a 2000% increase in coverage of Catalonia’s independence vote from these nefarious Kremlin sources, all of which more or less took a sympathetic line towards the separatists while portraying the Spanish government’s actions against the separatist campaign as a renewal of Francoist Fascism.

The Russian sources take this absurd line even as Russia itself has outlawed mere expressions of separatism and fought two brutal wars with Chechnya to eliminate separatist elements there. These professional liars condemn Spain as “fascist” for suppressing the separatism of an already semi-autonomous region, yet praise Putin for crushing with excessive military force Chechnya’s separatists, locking up and assassinating all his domestic opponents, censoring the media, and rigging elections.

Is the astounding hypocrisy not lost on these Kremlin-backed swine in the alternative media?

Russia is waging a war of attrition against the West. It’s only concern is weakening Europe and America so that it can bulldoze right over eastern Europe and install their Bolshevik caliphate. That’s why it’s playing up every possible disruptive issue within Western countries to sow division and civil war. Meanwhile, Putin plots the conquest of both eastern Europe and the Middle East for Russian domination.

The Israeli links of the Catalan elite:

False Flag Cult Comes Undone With Iran Attack


By Brandon Martinez

With Iran now blaming ISIS for an attack on its parliament and a popular religious shrine, the false flag cult has come undone, exposing itself as a fraud that, like the boy who cried wolf, only yells “false flag” when the target of the attack is in the West. If this kind of attack happened in a Western country, the false flaggers would be all over it with their redundant amateur “analysis” trying to pick holes in the story. But with the attack in Iran, none of that seems to be happening. They either ignore it completely, or simply say that it’s a real attack by ISIS, but dishonestly add that ISIS are “fake Muslims” in the pay of shadowy Westerners. They won’t ask the typical “cui bono” type questions here because in this case Iran is the beneficiary, gaining world sympathy as a fellow victim of ISIS terrorism.

These cultists consider Iran to be an innocent “victim” nation under assault by the big powers, so scrutiny is never applied to its government, which was founded by a religious fundamentalist maniac who had 30,000 “dissidents” executed in one year. Interesting that they condemn other countries in the Middle East that have “collaborated” with Western powers, but sweep aside how Iran directly helped the United States overthrow the rival Taliban regime in Afghanistan in 2001, took advantage of the US invasion of Iraq to empower their Shiite proxies who had long sought to supplant Saddam Hussein (a historic foe of Iran who invaded the country in 1980), and supported the uprising against and overthrow of Libya’s Gaddafi, which they marketed as part of an “Islamic Awakening” at the time. These low-brow simpletons never call out Iran on its hypocrisy and double-dealing because that would get in the way of their current task of shilling for that regime to “avoid war,” or whatever they tell themselves to justify it.

This cognitive bias is also evident in their skewed and contradictory “analysis” of Syria. Whilst they are clearly extreme apologists for Muslims when Muslims are accused of terror against the West, they reverse themselves in the rather complex powder keg of Syria, where mainly Muslim factions are battling against the truth movement “hero” Assad. In that theater, the “truthers” claim that not only are the Muslim extremists doing all the terrorism and atrocities of the war, but they’re also behind various “false flag” attacks designed to frame the “innocent” Assad regime, which is held up as a bastion of virtue and “resistance.” So in the West these “analysts” contend radical Muslims are innocent patsies being set-up by our governments, but in Syria the narrative is exactly the opposite, where the radical Muslim rebels are portrayed as evil villains who are so dastardly and conniving that they’ve been organizing false flag massacres to frame Assad. These same people who viscerally hate the West and blame all the world’s problems on it, take the opposite line as they market Assad as a virtuous, Western-educated secularist who dresses like we do and speaks English and should thus be supported against his fundamentalist Muslim opponents. The disconnects here are stunning.

Predictably, truther scrutiny is also never applied to terror that takes place within the borders of Russia, even though most of it is usually blamed on separatist Muslims from the Caucasus. This is a case where their pro-Russian, pro-Putin bias takes precedence over their pro-Muslim bias, dusting off examples where Russia has manipulated and made scapegoats of Muslims for terror.

This is all very prototypical of politically-interested ideologues who, while falsely fronting as “truth seekers,” function as little more than emissaries propelling the propaganda of the beloved “white hat” regimes of the East. But their tricks and biases are becoming more and more apparent as time goes by.

Diversity in London Brings Terror

By Brandon Martinez

Another day, another terror attack in Europe. Soon enough this will be a daily occurrence.

Muslim radicals seem to have a thing for vans, trucks and knives, don’t they?

Some radical Muslim killers just ran down and knifed a bunch of innocent people in London while shouting the usual Muslim slogans. Seven are confirmed dead, and close to 50 are wounded.

This comes on the tail end of the monstrous Manchester stadium bombing where an Isis devotee blew himself up, killing mostly teenage girls.

As London’s globalist Muslim mayor said last year, terrorist attacks are just “part and parcel” of living in a major city… perhaps in cities where his co-religionists are a sizeable minority, like London.

I always find it confounding that “truthers” instantly play the false flag card for an attack that happens in the West, but never do so for attacks that happen elsewhere.

In the past few weeks there have been multiple attacks by Islamist militants in the Middle East. In late May there was a vicious assault in Egypt targeting a bus full of Coptic Christians. A bombing near the Afghan presidential palace took place in Afghanistan around the same time. Back in April there were two separate bombings against Christian churches in Egypt. All the attacks were claimed by Isis or affiliated groups. An Isis affiliate recently invaded the city of Marawi in southern Philippines, killing hundreds.

How can all of that be a grand “false flag”?

The biased “truthers” never apply their hardened skepticism to events that occur outside the West. Actually, they usually just ignore anything that can’t be pinned on a Western regime. That’s because their propaganda is designed exclusively to discredit and demonize “the West.” Violence in non-Western countries is ignored, downplayed or somehow pinned on the West, too. These are not researchers, they’re basement-dwelling dolts with a nihilistic agenda to tear down Western civilization.

Some of them, like Kevin Barrett, vigorously support the migrant invasion of Europe and strive for an Islamic Caliphate that they hope will one day beat down and humiliate the Kaffir West. Islamists like Barrett have some lunatic leftist allies in Europe who want the same thing:

The van/knife attack in London is standard MO for radical Muslims in Europe who have launched similar attacks in France, Sweden, etc. If these are “false flags,” it only serves to benefit the nationalist opposition challenging the liberal elite currently in power across Europe. So if the pro-open borders liberal elite in power were constantly staging false flags, it’s much more likely they’d frame-up right-wing nationalists to discredit their principle opposition. Why would they constantly stage false flags and blame Muslims or migrants when they’re the ones who let these malcontents in? This would only serve to disgrace the current rulers and empower the nationalists.

None of that matters to the “truthers” who are pushing a narrow pro-Muslim, leftist agenda. The liberal truther narrative must maintain that all violence by Muslims is fake or, if real, was the result of a sinister CIA mind control program. Because Muslims would never commit violence on their own volition unless under mind control by evil white CIA agents in black suits, right?

But who cares. Such people are insignificant and exist mainly as fringe trolls in the social media sphere, retweeting each other’s nonsense.

The only way to stop terrorism in Europe is to elect nationalist leaders to power who will secure the borders and deport the radicals immediately. Muslim and migrant terrorism should be used to discredit the leftist elite ruining Europe. They, along with their migrant pawns, have European blood on their hands. The blood will keep flowing so long as they stay in power. They let it happen by welcoming in savages who have no respect for the cultures they’re squatting in, and who have allegiances to foreign countries and groups with primitive Abrahamic values.

In response to the latest outrage, British PM Theresa May said, ‘enough is enough.’ But her words are meaningless if she won’t actually do what needs to be done. May is not a nationalist, but a globalist hack working in lock-step with the Sorosian-Kalergiite Zionist elite who want to kill and bury Western civilization, permanently.