Jared Taylor Crushes Hispanic Hypocrite and Muslim Leftist

By Brandon Martinez

In these two interviews racialist thinker Jared Taylor totally annihilates Hispanic Hypocrite Jorge Ramos and a Muslim leftist journo at ABC.

Ramos is a clownish buffoon who openly celebrates the Hispanization of the US and demands that Hispanics get more positions of power in the government. He’s openly an advocate for the ethnic interests of his people yet condemns Taylor for doing the same for his people. The thing is Ramos is a white Mexican of most likely Spanish European descent, but since he culturally identifies as Hispanic he puts himself in the brown camp. He may be deluded about his own race as some white Latinos are.

Taylor points out that no people would want to become a minority in their own country, but whites are being asked to celebrate their dwindling numbers by these non-white usurpers. When Taylor gave the example of whites pouring into Mexico and changing that country”s demographics and culure, and how the Mexicans wouod likely fiercely resist this, Ramos tried to shift the argument and claim that the US is “different” in its founding as a “nation of immigrants,” which is utterly false anyway. The US was founded by whites for whites and all the founding fathers agreed that the country should be maintained as a nation of whites from Europe.

And none of that would explain why Europe itself is also being flooded with non-white immigration so what would Ramos’s argument be there? In that case he’d probably use the colonialism guilt trip which is also a totally bogus argument.

The War on Whites is Real

By Brandon Martinez

The Kalergiites have put their white genocide agenda into overdrive. Across Europe, non-whites are pushing whites out of their own neighbourhoods. The immigrant hordes take over whole areas and then scribble graffiti everywhere declaring these areas “Antifa Zones” where whites are either not allowed to live or if they do live there are intimidated into silence. Any vocal opposition to their dispossession will be met with immigrant and leftist violence. This is all being executed as some kind of Jewish revenge fantasy against the “evil Gentiles” who supposedly oppressed their ancestors. Leading the way are the Kalergiite Jews and their Freemasonic lackeys in the EU who have imposed this mass immigration replacement scheme on EU member states.

Anti-white leftist European politicians are openly declaring that whites will be a minority very soon and how that’s a “good thing.” This is incredibly sick. Non-white immigrants are being sold a bill of goods that Europe is some kind of paradise – the land of milk and honey – when in fact our own economies are weak and unstable. Immigration is only dragging our economies down further as these welfare bums from the third world come here to exploit European welfare states. These people have virtually no skills, are low IQ, and commit crimes far in excess of their numbers. There is literally no benefit to bringing in masses of people from Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America. And there are so many negatives it will make your head spin.

These immigrant bums come here and use the white guilt trip about colonialism to justify their invasion of our lands. They claim they speak some European language so therefore that gives them the right to just show up in Europe and demand acceptance and fair treatment. No, if you have no ancestry in Europe, you have no “right” to come here. Speaking a language does not mean you’re owed something by the country that originated that language. I could learn Mandarin Chinese tomorrow, but I can’t just invite myself into China and demand citizenship.

These people come to Europe solely for economic reasons. They come with dollar signs in their eyes. I see these immigrants in Europe with the latest iPhones and fancy clothes. This is all being supported by billionaire Jewish and Freemasonic globalists who want to erase the European people and continent so that they can create a dumbed down, unintelligent mixed up slave race that just work and consume.

Russians Who Met Trump Jr. Have KGB Connections


By Brandon Martinez

The Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr. offering “dirt” on Hillary Clinton as part of the “Russian government’s support” for his father’s election campaign represented the FSB itself in court cases within Russia.

From Reuters:

The Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. after his father won the Republican nomination for the 2016 US presidential election counted Russia’s FSB security service among her clients for years, Russian court documents seen by Reuters show.

The documents show that the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, successfully represented the FSB’s interests in a legal wrangle over ownership of an upscale property in northwest Moscow from 2005 to 2013.

There is no suggestion that Veselnitskaya is an employee of the Russian government or intelligence services, and she has denied having anything to do with the Kremlin.

But the fact she represented the FSB in a court case may raise questions among some US politicians.

The Obama administration last year sanctioned the FSB for what it said was its role in hacking the election, something Russia flatly denies, and Chuck Grassley, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has raised concerns about why Veselnitskaya was allowed into the US at all.

Veselnitskaya did not reply to emailed Reuters questions about her work for the FSB. The FSB did not respond to a request for comment.

Reuters could not find a record of when and by whom the lawsuit — which dates back to at least 2003 — was first lodged. But appeal documents show that Rosimushchestvo, Russia’s federal government property agency, was involved. It did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Veselnitskaya and her firm Kamerton Consulting represented “military unit 55002” in the property dispute, the documents show.

Another Russian who attended the collusive meeting with Trump. Jr. has KGB connections and was accused of money laundering:

A Russian participant in the notorious meeting held by Donald Trump’s son at Trump Tower last year had a business partner who was linked by US authorities to former Soviet intelligence officials.

Irakly Kaveladze was identified this week as the eighth attendee of the June 2016 meeting, which has become central to questions over Russian interference in last year’s presidential election.

Trump’s son, Donald Jr, agreed to the meeting after being told by email that he would be given damaging information about Hillary Clinton, their Democratic opponent, as part of an effort by the Russian government to support Trump. Trump Jr has been called to testify about the meeting to senators in Washington next week.

Kaveladze, a 52-year-old executive at a Moscow-based property firm with ties to Trump, was found in 2000 to have created hundreds of shell companies for a $1.4bn scheme that US investigators suspected was used to launder Russian money through American banks.

According to US officials, Kaveladze’s partner in that operation was Boris Goldstein, a Soviet-born banker whose ties to former KGB officers attracted interest from US investigators after he moved to California in the early 1990s.

“We have obtained information that indicates that this individual has had a close relationship with companies associated with members of the former Soviet Union’s intelligence agency,” the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) said of Goldstein in a little-noticed footnote to a report in 2000.

This New York Times article lays out all the names and connections of the Russians who tried to co-opt the Trump campaign to serve Putin’s agenda.

All of this is rather embarrassing for the alt-right who now have egg on their face after vigorously denying that Trump had any Russian links, even though Trump’s own campaign manager Paul Manafort worked directly for the Putin regime as a campaign advisor and lobbyist for Putin’s puppet candidates in eastern Europe. This was from earlier this year:

Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman once secretly worked for a Russian billionaire to advance Vladimir Putin’s interests, leaked documents have claimed.

Paul Manafort allegedly proposed an ambitious political strategy to undermine anti-Russian opposition across former Soviet republics, despite claims from the Trump administration that he never worked in the Kremlin’s interests.

In 2005, Mr Manfort proposed a confidential strategy to influence politics, business and news coverage in the US and across Europe amid worsening relations between George W Bush’s government and Russia.

“We are now of the belief that this model can greatly benefit the Putin Government if employed at the correct levels with the appropriate commitment to success,” Mr Manafort reportedly wrote in a memo to Oleg Deripaska, a close ally of the Russian president and aluminium magnate.

He added that the effort “will be offering a great service that can re-focus, both internally and externally, the policies of the Putin government.”

Mr Manafort signed a $10m (£8m) annual contract with Mr Deripaska’s firm beginning in 2006, business records obtained by the Associated Press, and the pair reportedly maintained a business relationship until at least 2009.

American diplomatic cables from 2006 that were later released by WikiLeaks described Mr Deripaska’s “favourable relationship” with Mr Putin and said he was “more or less a permanent fixture on Putin’s trips abroad and…among the 2-3 oligarchs Putin turns to on a regular basis”.

Alt-Right Changes Tack: Now Applauds Russian Meddling in US Election


By Brandon Martinez

The alt-right media has spent the past year denying that there’s anything to claims of Russian meddling in the US election. But now, with the emergence of overwhelming proof of Russia’s meddling in the form of a Trump Jr. meeting with Kremlin-connected Russians promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton to aid Trump’s election chances, the alt-right has now changed tack and is saying they’re glad for the Russian interference to help elect their preferred candidate.

An article on alt-right.com titled “Why I Don’t Care About Russian Scandals” says:

Idealists may not like it, but politics is a transaction. I support politicians I think will do something for me and the people I care about. Therefore, I could not be less interested in the endless parade of accusations and speculations about what certain Russians might or might not have done to help elect Donald Trump. No matter what the answer is, I don’t care.

If it will help the media and liberals get over this delusion, let me be clear: I and the overwhelming majority of Trump-supporters don’t care at all about this Russia business. Even if—and it sounds unlikely—Russia undermined American democracy to help elect Mr. Trump, I still don’t care.

The writer then dropped this whopping lie: “Mr. Trump and Russia do not want to bring hordes of Muslims into our cities. They will not pass “hate speech” laws that could put me in prison.”

That may be true of Trump, but certainly not Russia, which has already banned “hate speech,” “extremism,” Nazism and Holocaust denial, in addition to virtually any criticism of the government or “insulting” Putin personally. They also ban history books critical of the Red Army’s genocidal activities in Europe during World War II. So it’s all around illegal to question Russia’s skewed version of WWII “truth.”

The article ends with this:

Maybe the next time a liberal complains about Russians stealing the election, I should say, “Boy I hope they did. It’d be comforting to know there’s a powerful white nation looking out for us.”

This alt-right article applauding Russia for their meddlesome behaviour confirms the suspicions of many that the alt-right is itself a cat’s paw of Russia and does that state’s bidding. In typical alt-right fashion they dismiss anyone who acknowledges Russia’s role in destabilizing the West as “crazy liberals,” which is the same catchphrase the Putin regime and its supporters use to demean any Russians who don’t support Putin’s kleptocracy. Because only “liberals” would prefer to live in a state that has free speech and where oppositionists aren’t gunned down in the streets by hitmen sent by the government.

American Libertarians Carry Water for the Kremlin

By Brandon Martinez

A few years back an astute Ukrainian libertarian, Roman Skaskiw, became sick of the increasingly pro-Kremlin line taken by American libertarians, observing:

Does it seem to anyone else that some libertarians only promote liberty where it intersects with weakness, anti-Americanism and demoralization? Demoralization was the first step of the Soviet Union’s propaganda strategy.

In the famous “Deception Was My Job” interview of ex-Soviet propaganda agent Yuri Bezmenov, he estimates that 85% of the KGB’s effort and resources went not to espionage, but to ideological subversion (also called “active measures”), the first step of which was demoralization. …

Libertarianism, it seems, is biased toward anti-Americanism, weakness and demoralization.

Does that not ring completely true? All American libertarians do is rail against US intervention and involvement around the globe. Their stated goal is to completely gut, if not abolish, America’s military and slash its ties with the NATO alliance.

Ron Paul’s ties with the Russians are quite out in the open. His sidekick Daniel McAdams seems to be a full-time hack for the Putin regime, appearing regularly on RT and parroting their claims about Ukraine, Syria, NATO expansion, etc., on Ron Paul’s internet show. McAdams went on RT to condemn the FBI for entrapping Muslim-Americans in terror plots, but says nothing of Russia doing the same thing to create pretexts for Putin’s crackdowns on dissident speech and opposition.

Libertarian phony Justin Raimondo does the exact same thing. He constantly bashes on American foreign policy agitating for total isolationism and weakness while maniacally supporting all of Putin’s wars to date. It would be a miracle if Raimondo wasn’t getting some of that Russian dirty money to write his lies.

Skaskiw wrote another excellent article critiquing “Putin’s Libertarians” for their despicable and treasonous shilling for Putin’s Russia during the conflict in Ukraine.

Proof The Russians Bought Off Marine Le Pen

By Brandon Martinez

Starting at 13:30 of this video, substantial evidence is shown demonstrating that the Russians bought off Front National leader Marine Le Pen with a multi-million dollar party loan from a Kremlin-linked Russian bank and a Russian oligarch.

Shortly after the loan was made, Le Pen started taking strong pro-Russian positions defending the annexation of Crimea and calling for an end to EU sanctions against Russia. The video shows a series of leaked texts between two Russian officials celebrating Le Pen’s instant recognition of the Crimea land-grab, stating that “she hasn’t disappointed us.”

The video also shows Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie, the former FN party leader showing off posters of Putin in his house. The man literally worships Putin.

This is part and parcel of a broader Russian soft-power influence operation to co-opt European rightist and leftist parties to push the Kremlin’s interests.

Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky is interviewed in the piece and admits that it’s Russia’s goal to break up the EU and dismantle NATO.

Russia’s Alt-Right Fifth Column Get Triggered By Putin Criticism


By Brandon Martinez 

I got in a confrontation with numerous alt-right Putin Cultists in the comments section on Richard Spencer’s site.

The exchanges were basically fruitless because the vast majority of them proffered nothing more than cheap trolling tactics. When their Putin Cult is challenged, alt-righters respond with the following bullshit:

1) Accuse you of being a “neocon”. This accusation is dumb and hypocritical because alt-righters’ views on Islam are similar if not identical to neocons and Israeli Likudniks, so that label could just as easily be applied to them. It’s also a dodge to avoid arguments.

2) Accuse you of being a Jew. This accusation is particularly dumb when wielded in defense of Putin whose personal best friends are two Jewish brothers, the Rotenbergs, who he helped become billionaires. In fact, 25% of the richest Russians today are Jewish thanks to Putin’s policies. None of that is criticized by the Putin Cultists, but people who point that out are bizarrely the ones accused of harbouring sympathies for Jews!

3) Accuse you of being non-white or not sufficiently white, thus making the ridiculous implication that the validity of your arguments depends on the purity of your blood. In my case some of these idiots employed the American redneck fallacy of equating Spanish (a European ethnic group from Spain) with Hispanic/Latino (which is itself not a racial but linguistic category). They obviously don’t apply this consistently because if that’s the case then white leftists, liberals, SJWs and communists should have the ear of alt-righters on the sole basis that they’re “hhhwhites.” But they obviously dismiss and ridicule the opinions of any whites that don’t share their views on race, nationalism and culture. So this is another stupid dodge to avoid real arguments.

None of them could actually debate honestly Putin’s faults. They simply said that he should be supported because he’s not liked by other people who are bad. That’s equivalent to saying that the Italian mafia should be liked and supported because rival gangs don’t like them and say mean things about them. This is how intellectually dull they are in their defense of Putin. They literally just adopt the opposite position of anything “the media” is pushing, as per their counter-signalling crusade to oppose anything that “liberals” or “Democrats” are saying.

Many of these people are actually not very intelligent and are involved in this purely to have fun trolling leftists anonymously on the internet.

While I have many views on issues like race and immigration that could be considered alt-right, the movement in its organized form has basically become a cult, which is why I wouldn’t get directly involved with it. It is also heavily infiltrated and led by people who are either direct agents or extreme sycophants of Russia and is developing into a fifth-column cat’s paw for the expansionist Eurasianist agenda of Putin, which I oppose.

Ex-Infowars Hack Kurt Nimmo Bows to Russia

Nimmo-Russia copy

By Brandon Martinez

Former Infowars chief writer Kurt Nimmo is a rancorous apologist for Russia. When Russia is mentioned negatively in the press, Nimmo takes to Twitter and his blog to whine about Russophobia and “the empire” picking on little, innocent Kremlin.

Nimmo has spent the past 10 years helping Alex Jones spread disinformation covering up the influence of Israel in American politics, and now he’s taken to writing risible propaganda justifying Russian and Chinese expansionism. His Twitter account is full of Russia apologia, but he blocked me so I can’t see his Tweets now.

Nimmo had a split with Jones last year over Jones’ support of Trump. Nimmo is so anti-American that not even the isolationist rhetoric of Trump during the campaign impressed him. He “suspected” Trump would be “just another warmonger.”

Nimmo’s hypocrisy is through the roof. He wailed like a screeching housewife on her period about Trump’s raid on an al-Qaeda cell in Yemen months ago, which killed some civilians. But at the same time he vigorously cheers on Russia’s bombing campaign against al-Qaeda and assorted Islamic militants in Syria, which has also taken thousands of civilian lives. When Russia’s bombs kill civilians, Nimmo says it’s just regrettable “collateral damage” in a legitimate “war on terror.” But when the US or NATO kill civilians it’s an unpardonable sin and crime against humanity, and that their war on terror is “fake.”

Nimmo is simply an anti-Western leftist libertarian with a hard-on for Russian tyranny. He follows in the long tradition of libertarian apologism for Russia and communism. His goal is to make us hate ourselves so that Russia and China, working with Israel, can take over the world’s resources and dominate us. He may even be a subversive plant on the Russian payroll, tasked with writing demoralizing propaganda to facilitate Russian-Chinese global ascendance.

Nimmo is now a “reporter and producer” for Newsbud, a lackluster website created by former FBI translator turned truther girl Sibel Edmonds. Edmonds’ site is principally anti-US foreign policy and covers little about Russia. She did make one video with James Corbett denouncing the Putin cult, but the bulk of her content is in line with the Kremlin’s objective of breaking up the NATO alliance.