Black Supremacist Thug Ice Cube on ‘White Privilege’

By Brandon Martinez

This is pathetic. Ice Cube, a gangster rapper who used to rap about killing cops and “white devils,” is lecturing Bill Maher about “white privilege” and racism for using the n-word in a joke. Cube says that only black people can use the n-word, which they employ as often as prepositions, especially in the gangsta rap genre. This speech policing is insane. Privileged blacks like Ice Cube can be as anti-white as they please (calling whites ‘crackers’ and ‘devils’) and yet they¬†catch absolutely no flack for it. In fact, the more anti-white they are the more opportunities they seem to get. And yet he claims America is today run by evil white racists who oppress blacks? If that were true he wouldn’t be a multimillionaire for rapping about killing white people and cops. The only reason Cube has been successful is because he’s black. He has black privilege. He’s a terrible actor and his rap is sub-par. But the leftist establishment elevates people like him to positions of influence deliberately as an attack on white people.