Russian Media Upset Patriotism Rising in Spain

Russian media is upset that patriotism is rising in Spain against the Kremlin and Israeli-backed Catalan separatists.

RT has been pumping out videos showing proud Spaniards shouting “Viva Espana!” and giving Roman salutes.

The Kremlin believes it is still fighting a Bolshevik war against fascism, doing its best to demonize the nationalism of other nations when it isn’t in the interests of the criminal Putin oligarchy.


Putin Visits Former KGB Boss

How touching. Putin paid a visit to his former KGB boss. The two must have fond memories of the good old Soviet glory days plotting out the subversion of “enemy states” and assassinations of their political enemies at home and abroad.

Jared Taylor Crushes Hispanic Hypocrite and Muslim Leftist

By Brandon Martinez

In these two interviews racialist thinker Jared Taylor totally annihilates Hispanic Hypocrite Jorge Ramos and a Muslim leftist journo at ABC.

Ramos is a clownish buffoon who openly celebrates the Hispanization of the US and demands that Hispanics get more positions of power in the government. He’s openly an advocate for the ethnic interests of his people yet condemns Taylor for doing the same for his people. The thing is Ramos is a white Mexican of most likely Spanish European descent, but since he culturally identifies as Hispanic he puts himself in the brown camp. He may be deluded about his own race as some white Latinos are.

Taylor points out that no people would want to become a minority in their own country, but whites are being asked to celebrate their dwindling numbers by these non-white usurpers. When Taylor gave the example of whites pouring into Mexico and changing that country’s demographics and culure, and how the Mexicans would likely fiercely resist this, Ramos tried to shift the argument and claim that the US is “different” in its founding as a “nation of immigrants,” which is utterly false anyway. The US was founded by whites for whites and all the founding fathers agreed that the country should be maintained as a nation of whites from Europe.

And none of that would explain why Europe itself is also being flooded with non-white immigration so what would Ramos’s argument be there? In that case he’d probably use the colonialism guilt trip which is also a totally bogus argument.

Globalist Muslim Taken Down by Identitarian

By Brandon Martinez

Globalist Muslim Mo Ansar does everything he can to justify mass immigration into Europe and the replacement of whites. In true Kalergiite style Ansar says “this plurality, this mixing” is going to be the future. Invaders like Ansar use bogus arguments to justify the browning of Europe because their agenda is white genocide, plain and simple.

Pro-immigration Muslims like Ansar have a secret agenda to Islamize the West. They want to bring as many brown Muslims over as they can to usurp our cultures and replace it with their own Arabized Islamic one. This is part of their stealth strategy to “save” the infidels by converting us to their religion and wiping out our infidel cultures.

Ansar is playing a very leftist-liberal tune about integration, “building bridges” and “communities coming together” to play on the heart strings of weak Europeans, tricking them into their own cultural and demographic suicide. The end result of this grand mixing will be the extinction of Europe, and Ansar knows it. That’s exactly what he and his ilk want – a non-white, Islamized Europe under the Caliphate.

This turd should be expelled immediately. He has no right to be in Britain, occupying their land while he advocates their demise through immigration and mixing.

Ken O’Keefe Calls for Military Coup in US

By Brandon Martinez

Anti-war zealot Ken O’Keefe called for a military coup in the US in this recent video:

O’Keefe has spent decades lobbying against wars. Mr. Peace O’Keefe thinks he can save the world and end human conflict. But his utopian delusion is clearly impossible.

In the vid O’Keefe openly solicits a military coup in the US. So he rails against “coups” and regime changes in foreign countries, but demands one in the US. This is the standard doublespeak of anti-war zealots. He does this while he’s more than happy to ham it up with the Russians and Iranians on their television networks. If he’s so anti-war, then why does he not utter a single word against Putin’s various wars since he usurped power in Russia? O’Keefe is not against wars… only ones that America or “the West” wage. When Iran, Russia and other regimes engage in war and expansion, he loves it. So what is O’Keefe’s ultimate goal if not to just weaken America and Europe so that Russia and China can dominate us?

This is the stereotypical reactionary position of the anti-war crowd in the West. They search desperately for heroes and saviours amongst the non-Western states because they are ultimately nihilistic agents of chaos endeavouring to tear down our Western civilization and replace it with Eastern barbarism and tyranny.

I agree with O’Keefe that our armies have been diverted into self-consuming wars that don’t serve our interests. But I think he is being steered and used by foreign governments (principally Iran and Russia) to serve their own expansionist agendas and interests. O’Keefe ignores that Russia is benefitting from these wars more than we are. While NATO states have been wasting our resources fighting goat-herders in Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia has been steadily building up its military and preparing for its Eurasianist conquests of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. That’s why Putin enthusiastically welcomed and even aided the US invasion of Afghanistan by Bush. Putin hammed it up with Bush and actively encouraged an attack on the Afghans so as to divert the US and NATO into the Middle East to fight Russia and Israel’s adversaries there. In fact Putin called for a coalition “anti-terror” war against Afghanistan before Bush did and tried to link it to the Chechen problem that he manufactured to seize dictatorial power in Russia.

Dugin Claims ‘We’re no longer anti-American’ Now that Trump is in Power

By Brandon Martinez

Months ago Kremlin ideologue Alexander Dugin said that “anti-Americanism has vanished” in Russia now that Donald Trump is the president. Anti-Americanism was the backbone of Dugin’s movement and ideology, but now that the Kremlin’s favoured candidate Donald Trump is in power, they have decided to dial back the rhetoric.

Is this not a kind of Freudian slip that Trump is the Kremlin’s stooge or useful idiot? Why would they give up on anti-Americanism unless one of “their” guys was running the White House? The Russians bet big on Trump hoping he’d cash in on his anti-NATO, isolationist rhetoric, so that Russia would have a free hand in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Dugin’s “multipolarity” agenda is designed to weaken the West so it can’t stand up to Russia. Many rightist, leftist and libertarian cultists praise Russia as a “counterweight” to US hegemony but why don’t they assert the necessity of its opposite, that the US is a counterweight to Russian and Chinese expansion and domination?

Putin is a Mafia Don

By Brandon Martinez

Putin is a mafia don. This humorous video shows Putin playing ice hockey in Russia. The other players are noticeably too afraid of Putin to challenge him on the ice, allowing him to skate by them and take easy shots on net. This is probably because they realize that if they take the puck off Putin he will have the FSB break their legs after the game.

The similarities between Putin and Stalin are stunning. It’s been said that during Stalin’s reign of terror, anyone who was the first to stop applauding after a Stalin speech would later be kidnapped by the KGB and deported to the Gulag or executed. Russians have the same fear of Putin today, hence why they let Putin walk all over them during public events like the hockey match.

Fearful Russians also allow Putin to fondle their children in public. He probably pays them to allow him to touch their children to make himself appear endearing, when in reality it makes him look pedophilic. They understand that any resistance to what Putin desires at any time is just asking for trouble. FSB thugs will be knocking down their door the next day if they humiliate the glorious leader in public.