Dear readers,

Those of you out there who appreciate my work and wish to contribute whatever you can financially so that I can continue to pursue this line of research and inquiry can now do so.

It takes quite a lot of effort and time to do what I have been doing — researching, writing, broadcasting, etc. Due to the sensitive and controversial nature of what I generally write about and discuss, it is nearly impossible for me to attain any kind of stable income from my work.

No mainstream media outlet would ever get within a mile of what I highlight on a regular basis in my writings. Not that I would want to work for the sell-out, corporate media anyway, but it is extremely difficult to make a decent living in journalism outside of that system.

Most alternative media outlets simply don’t pay enough (if anything at all), and at the end of the day, one needs money to survive.

Thus, I must seek reader funding to continue my efforts to shine a light on the darkness engulfing the planet, wherever it happens to emanate from.

To contribute either click the button below or send the funds to martinezperspective[at] on PayPal.

Thank you for your time, consideration and interest in what I have to say, and most of all for keeping an open mind.

Brandon Martinez



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