Kremlin and Controlled Alt-Media Supporting Break Up of Spain

By Brandon Martinez

The Kremlin tools over at are whining about the Spanish newspaper El Pais’ coverage of Russian meddling in Spain’s internal crisis with the separatist drive in Catalonia.

KGB goon Thomas Harrington penned a screed discounting the obvious meddling of Russia in the internal affairs of Spain as it seeks to further destabilize and fracture the West.

Harrington took issue with articles in El Pais by Spanish journalist David Alandete, who wrote:

The same apparatus for the spreading of fake news that Russia has used to weaken the United States and the European Union, has been deployed in full force in Catalonia, according to a detailed analysis of Pro-Russian websites and Facebook profiles carried out by this newspaper with tools of digital analysis. In the wake of the covert campaigns in favor of Brexit, Marine Le Pen and the German Ultra-right, the Kremlin has come to see the Catalan independentist movement as yet another way to deepen European divisions and consolidate its international influence. They use webpages that publish rumors, activists like Julian Assange, a legion of bots, and millions of automatized pages on social media to insure that lies are shared millions of times on the web.

In a study of pro-Kremlin media sources and Twitter accounts, Adelante found a 2000% increase in coverage of Catalonia’s independence vote from these nefarious Kremlin sources, all of which more or less took a sympathetic line towards the separatists while portraying the Spanish government’s actions against the separatist campaign as a renewal of Francoist Fascism.

The Russian sources take this absurd line even as Russia itself has outlawed mere expressions of separatism and fought two brutal wars with Chechnya to eliminate separatist elements there. These professional liars condemn Spain as “fascist” for suppressing the separatism of an already semi-autonomous region, yet praise Putin for crushing with excessive military force Chechnya’s separatists, locking up and assassinating all his domestic opponents, censoring the media, and rigging elections.

Is the astounding hypocrisy not lost on these Kremlin-backed swine in the alternative media?

Russia is waging a war of attrition against the West. It’s only concern is weakening Europe and America so that it can bulldoze right over eastern Europe and install their Bolshevik caliphate. That’s why it’s playing up every possible disruptive issue within Western countries to sow division and civil war. Meanwhile, Putin plots the conquest of both eastern Europe and the Middle East for Russian domination.

The Israeli links of the Catalan elite:


Inviting Barbarism to Our Lands

This video shows Shia Muslims ritually cutting themselves and bleeding out. They do this to mourn the death of their prophet’s grandson in some ancient battle.

These people believe that abusing and mutilating their own bodies is loyalty to god and the cracked-out warlord Muhammad. How stupid are we to allow people with such primordial traditions and culture to filtrate into our lands?

Don’t be fooled by Muslims pretending to be our friends against the Zionists. They’re only saying that so they can invade our lands, rape our women, kill us in terrorist attacks and then get free stuff from our traitorous, cucked governments. Muslims come here to get a piece of the white man’s pie only to condemn us for being decadent infidels while they play around on their brand new android smartphones and watch ISIS beheading videos to entertain themselves.

The only solution is Reconquista.

Nationalists Must Be On Guard of Entryism from Jews, Muslims and Russians


By Brandon Martinez

Nationalists are being subverted on multiple fronts to prioritize the interests of foreign alien groups. Jews, Muslims and Russians have infiltrated nationalist groups and online communities in order to push their subversive agendas.

Many Christian patriots in Europe have been hoodwinked by Jewish infiltrators to favour Israel and Jews in their struggle against Muslim Arabs, leading to a deranged Judeophilia and religious worship of Israel. This view has been taken up by many Christian patriot groups operating in the West. These groups are heavily infiltrated by Jews who, masquerading as allies of Christians, misdirect Christian anger exclusively towards leftists, Islam and migrants while enforcing censorship to forbid criticism of the Jewish elites behind cultural marxism and mass immigration policies to the West.

Also be weary of Muslim entryists who present themselves as “anti-Zionists” and propose an alliance with European nationalists. They do so with hidden, subversive motives to distract nationalists from their own fight against the migrant invasion and suck them into Semitic squabbles in the Middle East between Jews and Muslims as well as different political and religious factions of Muslims, Arabs, Turks, Kurds, Iranians, etc. These Muslims wish for us to ignore the monstrous crimes committed by their co-religionists against our people in Europe (rape gangs, terrorism, murder, etc.) and to prioritize issues affecting Arabs, particularly Jewish persecution of Arabs in Palestine. They covertly support the Islamization of Europe and seek to install a savage caliphate over all of Europe. Additionally, Muslims demand we help them work towards pushing Jews out of Israel and dismantling that state. A fruitless proposal from a European nationalist point of view where Israel’s Jews would migrate back to our countries to cause more mischief here. Muslim entryists must be expelled and condemned from any nationalist formation or cause in the West.

Then there’s the pervasive Russian subversion, stemming from the vast infiltration of Western nationalism by Russians and Duginists. Russian money has been flowing into Western alternative media, as well as populist and nationalist parties, co-opting much of right-wing dissent in the service of Putin and Dugin’s Eurasian imperialist agenda to break apart Europe. Similarly to the Muslims, the Eurasianists want to establish a Russian Bolshevik caliphate over parts of Europe, dominating and holding the rest of Europe hostage to Putin’s oil and gas monopoly. However, Russian shills are easy to spot, so their impact is waning as more people wake up to the perverted anti-Western aims of Putin and the Dugin cult.

Semitic Outsiders Unite to Kill Evil Whitey

By Brandon Martinez

Last year I began writing about the burgeoning Muslim-Jewish alliance to undermine our growing nationalism in the West.

Sean Jobst has been doing some good work lately, documenting further this evil Semitic alliance to kill us. He has unearthed a prescient quote from an anti-white Jewish supremacist calling upon the Arabs of Europe to forget about Palestine and to focus on spreading their “cultural domination” across Europe, which would be met with Jewish support.

The supremacist Jew’s aim is one of revenge against the Europeans for various alleged historical “wrongs” committed against the Jews. The quote, penned by Israeli theologian Avrum Erlich and found in a recent Times of Israel op-ed, states:

The implications of Jewish – Arab reconciliation on Germany in particular and Europe in general however are not so bright. The day may still come when Arab extremism ceases its misdirected aggression in the name of Allah and ISIS for a more nuanced critique of Germany and European hypocrisy demonstrated in its ill treatment of Israel. Arabs in Europe may yet say ‘you denigrated our gentle and conciliatory Jewish cousins, killed, disgraced and delegitimized them for nought [sic] and now we, more assertive, less willing sheep for slaughter and mockery, have now replaced them in your lands and we demand recompense for their spilt blood and humiliation’.

Indeed a future is not far away when Arabs may justify their cultural domination over Europe while championing Israel and demand re appropriation for the centuries of Semitic denigration. They may yet argue that European values are bankrupt, not fit for governance or international respect, not fair or impartial as demonstrated in its record against Israel and therefore the epoch of European ascendency should come to an end.

This is a common theme amongst the vengeful and vicious Talmudic rabbis, who constantly harken back to alleged Christian-European persecution of the Jews during the middle ages to justify modern-day revenge plots. And now they are actively recruiting amongst the growing Arab and Muslim populations of the West to join them in their Kalergiite crusade to extinguish white European cultures from the pages of history.

Following Donald Trump’s election, Muslim and Jewish organizations based in the West initiated a “reconciliation” program, pointing at the “common threat” of rising nationalism to animate their new-found friendship. Both groups began clamouring for each others’ support to fight the rising tide of “racism, nationalism, xenophobia” in the West as our homelands are drowned, by design, with rampaging migrants from the third world.

An LA Times article noted:

Donald Trump may not be able to forge peace in the Middle East, but he is doing wonders for relations between Jews and Muslims in the United States.

Jewish and Muslim activists in the United States are forging alliances like never before in reaction to the president’s rhetoric and action toward Muslim immigrants.

A similar Times of Israel piece highlighted the Muslim-Jewish rapprochement and the formation of a Muslim-Jewish advisory council that would “help draft domestic policy legislation and advocate on issues of shared concern.”

It also noted that the ADL, a Zionist-American group dedicated to defaming critics of Jewish power, would begin to “increase its efforts to provide support for legal and legislative efforts in the fight against anti-Muslim bigotry.”

Trump has said nothing critical of Jews or Israel and stupidly supports them, but his proposals to exclude specifically Muslims from entering the US was seen by the Jewish elite as an authoritarian nationalist move that could, if commandeered and modified by more principled nationalists in the future, be turned against the Jews too.

We can clearly see that Muslims, even those who front as anti-Zionists, largely side with the elite Jews on this issue of mass immigration because it serves their own interests of flooding us with their co-religionists and spreading Islam, which is why an alliance with anti-Zionist Muslims is impossible and must be rejected wholesale.

Our News Media is Celebrating White Genocide

This analysis of a BBC news clip highlighting how “diverse” a particular British school is shows that our own news media is celebrating the disappearance of the white indigenous people in the West. The teacher of the school talks about how great it is that 32 different languages are spoken by children at the school, even though she admits she can’t even communicate with their parents who don’t speak English. Diversity is clearly a recipe for chaos, distrust and miscommunication. Diversity is merely a codeword for “less white people.” Anyone celebrating “diversity” in the West is by definition cheering for white genocide.

Similarities Between Russia and Israel

By Brandon Martinez

Over the years I’ve observed many similarities between the behaviour of Russia and Israel. Here are some things I’ve noticed:

1) Russia and Israel both have ruthless, murderous intelligence agencies carrying out “wet-work” in foreign countries. The Mossad and the FSB (formerly KGB) are both notoriously adept at assassinations, staged provocations and other wicked chicanery. In 2006, the FSB used polonium to poison exiled Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko in London. In 2010, the Mossad crudely assassinated an operative of Hamas in a Dubai hotel room. The two agencies have carried out dozens of other assassinations of their political enemies over the years. In 2014 a Russian minister encouraged the FSB to “follow Mossad examples” by assassinating the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalist Right Sector group.

2) Both countries employ an online “troll army” of paid propagandists to forward their states’ lies and deceit. Russian and Israeli online trolls are remarkably similar in how they operate and behave. Since they have no valid arguments to defend the indefensible policies of their governments, they exclusively resort to personal attacks and trolling against critics.

3) Both nations label all criticism and opposition as an irrational “phobia.” In Israel’s case, they designate all criticism and opposition to Israel as a manifestation of “anti-Semitism.” The Putin regime and its supporters put down their critics with accusations of “Russophobia.” Putin even recently compared critics of Russia to anti-Semites.

4) Both regimes utilize staged propaganda to “humanize” their cutthroat leaders. You will often see Putin and Netanyahu photographed or filmed doing recreational activities (singing, dancing, playing sports, etc.). They will also stage photo-ops with small children or animals to make these killers appear endearing.

5) Both countries say that acts of violence against them are unprovoked and driven by irrational hatred, while justifying their own violence and aggression against others as necessary acts of “self-defence.”

6) Both regimes are willing to sacrifice the lives of their own people to advance the agendas of their elite.

Jorjani Pushed out of the Alt-Right Because of Spencer’s Russophilia?


By Brandon Martinez

Jason Jorjani, the half-Iranian former editor of alt-right publishing arm Arktos, has announced his departure from the alt-right, citing differences with Richard Spencer and others at the helm of the “Alt-Right Corporation.”

The falling out seems to be mostly about funding and other financial disagreements among the shareholders of this “corporation.” But interestingly, Jorjani mentioned his proposal for making Ukraine a focal point of revitalizing Europe, and how this upset the Russophilic sensibilities of Spencer:

In May, at a meeting in London, I was assured by the investors that the obstacles had at last been cleared and I could expect our collaboration to begin in June. When I reported this to Richard at a New York lunch at the end of the same month, he thoughtlessly and angrily dismissed a plan that the investors had shared with me for creating an economic and security corridor from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and across to the Caucasus. This “Neo-Scythian” Ukraine-based approach to the long-term revitalization and liberation of Europe – linked to a future, post-Islamic Greater Iran via the Caucasus – offended the Russophilia that has been fostered by his wife.

Spencer himself mentioned this dispute in his own account of the departure, writing:

When Jason announced in June that we should reorient in a “Neo-Scythian, Ukraine-based” direction, I became utterly exasperated. What would such a thing even entail? And why should we engage in a project at the behest of magical (no doubt non-existent) donors who have yet to give us a single dollar and only communicated to us through Jason’s vivid imagination?

So Spencer flipped out when Jorjani suggested moving the alt-right in a pro-Ukraine direction, which is utterly in conflict with the bought-and-paid-for Russian wing of the movement cultivated by Spencer. Does this leave any doubt about where Spencer’s loyalties lie?

Jorjani is also very active in revolutionary Iranian circles trying to overthrow the Islamic regime and install a Zoroastrian monarchy. This also conflicts with the geopolitics of Russia, which has strong ties and influence over Islamic Iran and endeavours to use it as an anti-American bulwark in Putin’s Eurasianist war against the West. Jorjani has articulated a desire to establish a pro-Western, pro-white government in Iran, which is not what Putin, Dugin and the Eurasian anti-white coalition want. They want an anti-Western Iran to be used as a pawn in Russia’s new Great Game for influence in the Middle East. Not wanting to risk rupturing the current Russian domination of Iran by a change of leadership in that country, Spencer follows Moscow’s lead once again.