Dugin Claims ‘We’re no longer anti-American’ Now that Trump is in Power

By Brandon Martinez

Months ago Kremlin ideologue Alexander Dugin said that “anti-Americanism has vanished” in Russia now that Donald Trump is the president. Anti-Americanism was the backbone of Dugin’s movement and ideology, but now that the Kremlin’s favoured candidate Donald Trump is in power, they have decided to dial back the rhetoric.

Is this not a kind of Freudian slip that Trump is the Kremlin’s stooge or useful idiot? Why would they give up on anti-Americanism unless one of “their” guys was running the White House? The Russians bet big on Trump hoping he’d cash in on his anti-NATO, isolationist rhetoric, so that Russia would have a free hand in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Dugin’s “multipolarity” agenda is designed to weaken the West so it can’t stand up to Russia. Many rightist, leftist and libertarian cultists praise Russia as a “counterweight” to US hegemony but why don’t they assert the necessity of its opposite, that the US is a counterweight to Russian and Chinese expansion and domination?

American Libertarians Carry Water for the Kremlin

By Brandon Martinez

A few years back an astute Ukrainian libertarian, Roman Skaskiw, became sick of the increasingly pro-Kremlin line taken by American libertarians, observing:

Does it seem to anyone else that some libertarians only promote liberty where it intersects with weakness, anti-Americanism and demoralization? Demoralization was the first step of the Soviet Union’s propaganda strategy.

In the famous “Deception Was My Job” interview of ex-Soviet propaganda agent Yuri Bezmenov, he estimates that 85% of the KGB’s effort and resources went not to espionage, but to ideological subversion (also called “active measures”), the first step of which was demoralization. …

Libertarianism, it seems, is biased toward anti-Americanism, weakness and demoralization.

Does that not ring completely true? All American libertarians do is rail against US intervention and involvement around the globe. Their stated goal is to completely gut, if not abolish, America’s military and slash its ties with the NATO alliance.

Ron Paul’s ties with the Russians are quite out in the open. His sidekick Daniel McAdams seems to be a full-time hack for the Putin regime, appearing regularly on RT and parroting their claims about Ukraine, Syria, NATO expansion, etc., on Ron Paul’s internet show. McAdams went on RT to condemn the FBI for entrapping Muslim-Americans in terror plots, but says nothing of Russia doing the same thing to create pretexts for Putin’s crackdowns on dissident speech and opposition.

Libertarian phony Justin Raimondo does the exact same thing. He constantly bashes on American foreign policy agitating for total isolationism and weakness while maniacally supporting all of Putin’s wars to date. It would be a miracle if Raimondo wasn’t getting some of that Russian dirty money to write his lies.

Skaskiw wrote another excellent article critiquing “Putin’s Libertarians” for their despicable and treasonous shilling for Putin’s Russia during the conflict in Ukraine.

Putin is a Mafia Don

By Brandon Martinez

Putin is a mafia don. This humorous video shows Putin playing ice hockey in Russia. The other players are noticeably too afraid of Putin to challenge him on the ice, allowing him to skate by them and take easy shots on net. This is probably because they realize that if they take the puck off Putin he will have the FSB break their legs after the game.

The similarities between Putin and Stalin are stunning. It’s been said that during Stalin’s reign of terror, anyone who was the first to stop applauding after a Stalin speech would later be kidnapped by the KGB and deported to the Gulag or executed. Russians have the same fear of Putin today, hence why they let Putin walk all over them during public events like the hockey match.

Fearful Russians also allow Putin to fondle their children in public. He probably pays them to allow him to touch their children to make himself appear endearing, when in reality it makes him look pedophilic. They understand that any resistance to what Putin desires at any time is just asking for trouble. FSB thugs will be knocking down their door the next day if they humiliate the glorious leader in public.

Russia is Corrupting Nationalism With its Dirty Money

By Brandon Martinez

The murderous regime of Vladimir Putin has been infiltrating, corrupting and subverting European nationalists to support him and his globalist Eurasian agenda. Putin is fulfilling the dream that Stalin first embarked upon decades ago: using Russia as a base to export permanent revolution in the service of Bolshevism. Putin has been carrying on this legacy with his “Eurasianist” designs, establishing various “unions” and economic pacts with nations around Russia to convert them into mere appendages of the Moscow empire, like the Soviets did.

No better example of Putin’s corrupting influence is the case of Marine Le Pen, the French “nationalist” politician who was bought off via a Russian loan sometime in 2014. After receiving the dirty Russian money Le Pen crusaded against EU sanctions applied to Russia and openly applauded Russia’s military takeover of Crimea and proxy invasion of Ukraine. Another example is how the Kremlin cobbled together a political “delegation” to rubber-stamp Putin’s criminal land-grab in Crimea, which he boasted was planned weeks (if not more) before the totally bogus “referendum.” All of the “observers” Putin brought over to oversee his theft were officials from European quasi-nationalist and populist parties that the Kremlin has been covertly supporting. They were his puppets and they fulfilled their duties.

More evidence of this corrupting Russian influence was the fact that Béla Kovács, the former chief fundraiser and MP for Jobbik, the Hungarian nationalist party, was outed as married to a KGB spy and was himself accused of, and is now being charged with, treason in the service of Russia. Kovács was notably pro-Russian during his stint in the EU legislature as an MP for Jobbik. He even organized numerous trips to Moscow for Jobbik’s leader Gábor Vona where the latter met Russian ideologues including Alexander Dugin, the Russian godfather of the Eurasianist movement that seeks to conquer and colonize all territories of the former USSR.

The Russian dirty money must also be flowing to far-left “anti-establishment” parties in the West who likewise vigorously support Russia and Putin because that’s who pays them.

Of course, some “nationalists” are more than happy to take Putin’s money and become his stooge, falsely believing he will help them “fight globalism” or some such fantasy. The alt-right leader Richard Spencer, a noted Putinist married to a Russian who worships Dugin, even floated the idea of aligning with the Likud Zionists of Israel in exchange for some shekels. This is how easily corrupted some of these rightists are as they unashamedly offer to subordinate themselves to our enemies in exchange for money.

Proof The Russians Bought Off Marine Le Pen

By Brandon Martinez

Starting at 13:30 of this video, substantial evidence is shown demonstrating that the Russians bought off Front National leader Marine Le Pen with a multi-million dollar party loan from a Kremlin-linked Russian bank and a Russian oligarch.

Shortly after the loan was made, Le Pen started taking strong pro-Russian positions defending the annexation of Crimea and calling for an end to EU sanctions against Russia. The video shows a series of leaked texts between two Russian officials celebrating Le Pen’s instant recognition of the Crimea land-grab, stating that “she hasn’t disappointed us.”

The video also shows Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie, the former FN party leader showing off posters of Putin in his house. The man literally worships Putin.

This is part and parcel of a broader Russian soft-power influence operation to co-opt European rightist and leftist parties to push the Kremlin’s interests.

Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky is interviewed in the piece and admits that it’s Russia’s goal to break up the EU and dismantle NATO.

Russia’s Alt-Right Fifth Column Get Triggered By Putin Criticism


By Brandon Martinez 

I got in a confrontation with numerous alt-right Putin Cultists in the comments section on Richard Spencer’s site.

The exchanges were basically fruitless because the vast majority of them proffered nothing more than cheap trolling tactics. When their Putin Cult is challenged, alt-righters respond with the following bullshit:

1) Accuse you of being a “neocon”. This accusation is dumb and hypocritical because alt-righters’ views on Islam are similar if not identical to neocons and Israeli Likudniks, so that label could just as easily be applied to them. It’s also a dodge to avoid arguments.

2) Accuse you of being a Jew. This accusation is particularly dumb when wielded in defense of Putin whose personal best friends are two Jewish brothers, the Rotenbergs, who he helped become billionaires. In fact, 25% of the richest Russians today are Jewish thanks to Putin’s policies. None of that is criticized by the Putin Cultists, but people who point that out are bizarrely the ones accused of harbouring sympathies for Jews!

3) Accuse you of being non-white or not sufficiently white, thus making the ridiculous implication that the validity of your arguments depends on the purity of your blood. In my case some of these idiots employed the American redneck fallacy of equating Spanish (a European ethnic group from Spain) with Hispanic/Latino (which is itself not a racial but linguistic category). They obviously don’t apply this consistently because if that’s the case then white leftists, liberals, SJWs and communists should have the ear of alt-righters on the sole basis that they’re “hhhwhites.” But they obviously dismiss and ridicule the opinions of any whites that don’t share their views on race, nationalism and culture. So this is another stupid dodge to avoid real arguments.

None of them could actually debate honestly Putin’s faults. They simply said that he should be supported because he’s not liked by other people who are bad. That’s equivalent to saying that the Italian mafia should be liked and supported because rival gangs don’t like them and say mean things about them. This is how intellectually dull they are in their defense of Putin. They literally just adopt the opposite position of anything “the media” is pushing, as per their counter-signalling crusade to oppose anything that “liberals” or “Democrats” are saying.

Many of these people are actually not very intelligent and are involved in this purely to have fun trolling leftists anonymously on the internet.

While I have many views on issues like race and immigration that could be considered alt-right, the movement in its organized form has basically become a cult, which is why I wouldn’t get directly involved with it. It is also heavily infiltrated and led by people who are either direct agents or extreme sycophants of Russia and is developing into a fifth-column cat’s paw for the expansionist Eurasianist agenda of Putin, which I oppose.

Ex-Infowars Hack Kurt Nimmo Bows to Russia

Nimmo-Russia copy

By Brandon Martinez

Former Infowars chief writer Kurt Nimmo is a rancorous apologist for Russia. When Russia is mentioned negatively in the press, Nimmo takes to Twitter and his blog to whine about Russophobia and “the empire” picking on little, innocent Kremlin.

Nimmo has spent the past 10 years helping Alex Jones spread disinformation covering up the influence of Israel in American politics, and now he’s taken to writing risible propaganda justifying Russian and Chinese expansionism. His Twitter account is full of Russia apologia, but he blocked me so I can’t see his Tweets now.

Nimmo had a split with Jones last year over Jones’ support of Trump. Nimmo is so anti-American that not even the isolationist rhetoric of Trump during the campaign impressed him. He “suspected” Trump would be “just another warmonger.”

Nimmo’s hypocrisy is through the roof. He wailed like a screeching housewife on her period about Trump’s raid on an al-Qaeda cell in Yemen months ago, which killed some civilians. But at the same time he vigorously cheers on Russia’s bombing campaign against al-Qaeda and assorted Islamic militants in Syria, which has also taken thousands of civilian lives. When Russia’s bombs kill civilians, Nimmo says it’s just regrettable “collateral damage” in a legitimate “war on terror.” But when the US or NATO kill civilians it’s an unpardonable sin and crime against humanity, and that their war on terror is “fake.”

Nimmo is simply an anti-Western leftist libertarian with a hard-on for Russian tyranny. He follows in the long tradition of libertarian apologism for Russia and communism. His goal is to make us hate ourselves so that Russia and China, working with Israel, can take over the world’s resources and dominate us. He may even be a subversive plant on the Russian payroll, tasked with writing demoralizing propaganda to facilitate Russian-Chinese global ascendance.

Nimmo is now a “reporter and producer” for Newsbud, a lackluster website created by former FBI translator turned truther girl Sibel Edmonds. Edmonds’ site is principally anti-US foreign policy and covers little about Russia. She did make one video with James Corbett denouncing the Putin cult, but the bulk of her content is in line with the Kremlin’s objective of breaking up the NATO alliance.

“Anti-War” Libertarians and the Truther Cult Now Support War On Terror

By Brandon Martinez

Isn’t it amazing that the Western-based anti-war and 9/11 truther cult, who spent the last 10 years railing against the US-led war on terror, have (for the most part) completely reversed themselves? Ever since Russia and Putin began leading the terror war, the “anti-war” libertarians and truthers have thrown their collective weight behind it.

Take Chris Bollyn, the “intrepid” journalist who wrote a couple books claiming that Israel masterminded the 9/11 attacks. Bollyn has dedicated his life to “opposing the 9/11 wars,” but now that Putin is the new boss of the global terror war, Bollyn’s been totally behind Russian intervention in the Middle East to crush Islamic zealots. Yet Bollyn vehemently opposed and denounced as a fraud this same rationale when Bush was using it to enter Afghanistan and continue occupying Iraq after the fall of Hussein. Bollyn obsessively condemns US support for Israel, but is remarkably silent about Putin’s support for Israel and cozy relations with Netanyahu.

On his website Bollyn favourably quotes Russian politicians and military officials as if they’re infallible harbingers of truth. He promotes contradictory and highly convoluted themes about ISIS. He has at times suggested that the group is a myth fabricated by Israeli intelligence, but at other times, specifically when trying to justify the Russian campaign to prop-up Assad in Syria, he’s labeled them a dangerous menace who need to be destroyed through military means. Bollyn is clearly playing a double game here. He pretends to be anti-war when in fact he’s a war propagandist for Russia. He cannot respond to these valid criticisms hence why he blocked me from commenting on his Facebook page.

So-called libertarians like Ron Paul and his sidekick Daniel McAdams have put in countless hours preaching against the war on terror, but these days spend most of their time praising Russia for its “anti-terror” militarism in the Middle East. Paul and his minions even tried to justify Russia’s annexation of Crimea and stealth incursion into Eastern Ukraine, vigorously parroting Kremlin talking points. Interestingly, a report in the Free Beacon found direct links between Paul’s various libertarian “institutes” and pro-Kremlin NGOs based in Europe.

Another “anti-war” libertarian who loves war now that Russia is in the driver’s seat is Justin Raimondo. Raimondo spent most of his writing career penning isolationist articles for the “anti-war.com” online journal, but now just reprints Kremlin spin in support of Putin’s wars in Ukraine and Syria. Another fake “libertarian” is Ryan Dawson, an opportunist who tried to ingratiate himself with the Russians during the Ukraine crisis by regurgitating Putin’s lies on RT. He spent years whining about the war on terror only to now become a mouthpiece of support for Russia’s version of it in Syria.

A major factor in this is the poisonous influence of RT which gives copious amounts of air-time to anti-war libertarians, making them reliant on the Kremlin-funded Russian channel to get their message out. As such they’ve become a cat’s paw for the Kremlin on major foreign policy issues. Russia supports and sponsors American libertarians because they’re trying to weaken the US federal government and dial back military spending and foreign adventurism. Those things are music to the ears of the Kremlin and would greatly serve Russia’s expansionist aims, hence why RT champions libertarian anti-interventionist voices in the West.

While many of their criticisms of US foreign policy are valid, these same libertarians make virtually no criticism of the vicious tyranny in Russia installed by Vladimir Putin, which crushes with a vengeance all internal dissent and prosecutes stealth wars on false pretexts. Apparently 9/11 truthers and libertarians love tyranny, oppression and war so long as it’s someone other than the US government doing it. In other words, they’re lying snakes with a hidden agenda to weaken the West and empower communists in Russia and China.